Why touring with a Florence Private Guide 

Being a Florence Private Guide is more than a profession: it is a true passion! I truly love my job and I do it with great enthusiasm. The tour guide profession could appear to be a simple job. Many times when I say that I’m a tour guide of Florence, people enthusiastically say that it must be great. This is the truth! However, you need deep human skills and a considerable cultural and linguistic background, obtained through years of study and work experience. This is my full time job and I have been doing it since 2008. I’m aware that in the most of the countries being a tour guide is a hobby or a volunteering part time activity. Italy is fortunate to have 58 UNESCO World Heritage sites out of 1,001 all over the world (in 161 countries). If you are curios, you can read the list here. Many graduates in Italy, just like me, have decided to be “ambassadors” of our beautiful country, and believe me, you never stop learning and studying!

I’m a qualified Florence Private Guide

It’s necessary to have the proper certification issued by the Government for the tour guide profession in Italy. It is defended by local and national laws against unlicensed guides: choosing a qualified tourist guide is a guarantee of competence. I make part of the European Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (FEG), of the National Association of Tourist Guides (ANGT) and of the Tourist Guide Association of Florence (AGT Firenze). As a guide, you can decide to work in several cities. Indeed, I prefer to focus only on Florence because I was born here and I feel a very strong sense of belonging to my roots. Above all, its patrimony is boundless and by devoting my attention just to Florence I can maintain a high level of knowledge. Are you wondering if I give all the tours by myself? No, I don’t. I have collaborators of course, and they are all top-notch guides. So, don’t wait any longer! Contact me to plan your private guided tour of Florence!

Since my business grew up consistently in the past years and I’ma also a mom, I have created a team of collaborators, the “Fantastic Florence Guides”. I have been knowing them for many years, we are all good friends. We are all all interchangeable, all well-educated with Universities degrees in art, history and languages. I’m also very happy to choose the guide according to the kind of tour and the personal inclinations of each one. So, don’t worry, you will be beautifully pampered by anyone of us!

8 good reasons to book with us your private tour guide in Florence

So, why visit Florence with a private tour guide? Here you have 8 good reasons to choose a private qualified tourist guide. 

  1. We are all fully licensed and qualified tourist guide of Florence: look for quality and proficiency! Nowadays, more and more people think they can do any kind of job with no preparation. They just make a stab at it. It happens a lot with the tour guide profession. There are Air BB hosts who want to show you around, college students who offer free tours tips-based, people from all over the places with no title who work as tour guides. Well, beware of these people if you want a real tour of Florence guided by an expert.
  2. You can create your tour with us, adjusting it to your needs and wishes. Our tours are all custom-made, preceded by accurate e-mail correspondence. See the places you want, try the food you desire, learn about what interests you the most.
  3. You will maximize your time in Florence: give the best value to your time, you have been planning your holidays all year long and now you deserve the best personal treatment.
  4. We are free lance, independent tour guides, so by booking our tours you don’t have any extra fee or brokerage, you only pay the costs of tours and tickets.
  5. It’s more affordable than you might think. Our pricing is per-tour NOT per-person, so if you are a small party of friends or relatives, you’ll probably pay less than if you took a big group tour.
  6. You are paying for a private tour: it is your time, you decide what to do with it. See as much as you can or just relax and saunter at your leisurely pace. Flexibility is one of the best aspects of having a private guide.
  7. You will see Florence with the eyes of a local Florentine guide. A good tourist guide doesn’t have to be just knowledgeable, but has to be passionate above all.
  8. You will receive the best advice that just a genuine Florentine can give you. The best restaurants, the best gelato flavor, the best view. We were born and raised in Florence, so we know this city like the back of our hand.