In this section you find some proposals of custom tours of FlorenceTouring Florence with children is possible. You just have to catch their attention! I am a specialist in giving tours of Florence for the visually impaired. It’s challenging and emotional at the same time. At the end of every tour I always feel I have learned so much from them. If you are on vacation on a cruise ship, you will probably dock at Livorno or La Spezia. A shore excursion to Florence is recommended. I will be delighted to be your guide that day, to make you fall in love with Firenze! You just have to contact me. We will organize your personal tour of Florence together!


custom tour is an independent travel itinerary designed and arranged especially for you. Custom tours meet your wishes and your needs. Even though on this web site I propose several kinds of tours, many times you prefer a tailor-made tour of Florence, built around a theme or particular interest that you wish to get to know better. A private tour of Florence gives you the opportunity to appreciate much more the real essence of this incredible city, through genuine interactions with the land, the people and the culture. I’ll be happy to elaborate a special plan with you if you have a particular passion. We can focus on a time period (Renaissance, Middle Ages, 19th century, etc), an artist (Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli, etc), a writer (Machiavelli, Galileo, Dante, etc), a curiosity or a subject (fashion, wine, craftsmanship, architecture, literature, etc).


I’ve always liked the motto “Be a traveler and not a tourist”. I think it definitely reflects my mission. Independent travelers can make up the rules. They decide where to going at their own pace. It’s a great way to meet the locals. For example, if you are coming to Tuscany on a cruise ship from Livorno port, you want to enjoy your time without having to rush. If you are a family with a 6 years old baby you want to have fun and to make him/her feel engaged. If you are visually impaired you wish to experience as much as you can of Florence. Therefore, every situation is different and we all have different needs. This is the aim of a custom-made tour: to fulfill your expectations thanks to the help of an expert.