You will find a wide selection of thematic tours of Florence, according to what interests you the most: Michelangelo, Galileo, Brunelleschi, Medici? Have you been to Florence before or this time are you staying in town a few days? So you maybe want to have an in-depth visit of some particular museum or church that you missed last time. Do you love sculpture? So the Michelangelo Tour in Florence  is your best choices. Are you eager to know everything about the beginner or modern science? Then the Galileo Tour in Florence is what you are looking for. Have you watched the Netflix series and now you are addicted to the Medici family? Take our Medici Family Tour in Florence and see if what you watched on tv was all real.


Michelangelo, Galileo, Brunelleschi and the Medici. Artist, scientist, engineer and bankers. All of them are interwoven. Michelangelo was protected by the lord of Florence, Lorenzo the Magnificent, who welcomed him at his palace when he was only a boy. Brunelleschi also worked for the Medici family, projecting the Old Sacristy inside San Lorenzo Church, where the first Medici are buried. Galileo was hired by Cosimo II de’ Medici as court astronomer and mathematician and the great scientist dedicated his masterpiece Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems to Ferdinando II de’ Medici. In conclusion, the Medici family’s patronage and political support of the arts helped catalyze the Renaissance into a fully fledged cultural movement.