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    Speak like you eat: A tour of Florence to learn Italian

    Have you ever thought of doing a tour of Florence to learn Italian with a teacher as your guide? This is a real language experience in Florence. It will help you get to know the history of the city’s squares and monuments while learning how to ask for a cappuccino in a café – just like an Italian! First off, let’s introduce ourselves! We’ve probably already emailed each other to set up a tour, so I already know how well you speak Italian. Don’t be afraid, though – give it a try and don’t feel embarrassed. There’s nothing more beautiful than a foreigner who speaks Italian with an irresistible accent! I’m a language lover, this is why I had the idea of creating this tour of Florence to learn Italian. In fact, I have a degree in Modern Languages at University of Florence. I speak English, Spanish, and German. I even started learning Hebrew and I fell in love with it! However, I had to put it aside because my baby Gabriele takes up most of my time! The study of foreign languages teaches and encourages respect for other peoples and it is proved that makes you live longer!

    A language experience in Florence: fun and educational

    What will this language experience in Florence be like? I’ll speak to you slowly and clearly in simple Italian and pause to help you understand better. We can even speak in English and translate into Italian if you’d rather. We’ll talk about the history of Florence and its main characters using simple language and topics. During this Italian lesson tour, I’ll tell you about how modern Italian was born in Florence (thanks to Dante Alighieri) and how many Italian words are currently used in many languages all over the world. We’ll chat briefly about the evolution from Latin to Italian, the origin of words is so fascinating! In the end you’ll realize you know more Italian words than you thought! At the end of the experience I’ll give you a booklet with the vocabulary we used.

    Let’s speak Italian!

    Great, now it’s time to get a coffee like an Italian and order a “caffé espresso macchiato freddo in tazza grande”. Italians are crazy about coffee and we all have our favorite- macchiato, lungo, corretto, ristretto, marocchino, or in vetro. Then we’ll go to the market and you can learn the names of fruit, vegetables, meat, and sweets. We’ll talk about the most traditional Tuscan dishes and other traditions of our cuisine: ribollita, crostini, vinsanto con cantuccini, schiacciata – and we’ll try them, too, of course! It will be a wonderful experience to bring together your love for the Italian language and culture, with your love for food and the history of Florence! I look forward to guiding you on this language voyage!


    Tour of Florence to learn Italian,Ponte Vecchio

    It's the oldest one of Florence, as the name says. Did you know that Pontif comes from pons, pontis in Latin and it litterally means "the builder of bridges"? Interesting, isn't it?

    Tour of Florence to learn Italian,Signoria Square

    The Ratto delle Sabine (Rape of the Sabines) is one of the most know statues displayed in this square. Ratto is often translated as kidnapping or abduction.

    Tour of Florence to learn Italian,Santa Maria Novella Square

    The church is simply breathtaking and its facade is one of the best results of Renaissance architecture. But what does "novella" mean?

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 3 hours
    • Person : Up to 8 persons
    • Kids : Sure! Learning Italian is a lot of fun!
    • Price : From 230€
    • Notes : It's a walking tour, no monuments will be visited inside.
    • Location : Ponte Vecchio, Signoria Square, Duomo Square, Santa Maria Novella Square, Central Market of San Lorenzo

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