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    Florence Jeopardy Game: Florence Family Tour

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    Looking for a family tour in Florence? “Florence Jeopardy Game: Florence Family Tour” is an active experience to share with the entire family. This tour is a fun activity to do in Florence with your children. You’ll get to know the history of Florence playing with your team, answering trivia, and running through the city’s squares… but keep an eye on the clock! You’ll get a sheet of questions at each stop. Do you know the name of Florence’s cathedral? And where it got its name? Do you know how many doors the Baptistery has? One of the doors has a special name. What’s it made of? How many stories are depicted on this door? These are only some of the questions that you will have to answer during this tour. You win a point with each correct answer and whoever collects the most points wins the prize! The stops are Santa Croce Square, Signoria Square, Uffizi courtyard, Orsanmichele Church, Duomo Square and Santa Maria Novella Square. So ready, set, go!

    Florence Family Tour: Fun Facts

    Florence is certainly famous for its art and geniuses of the Renaissance, but also for its medieval buildings (don’t forget that without the Middle Ages we wouldn’t have the Renaissance!!). There are always many stories behind historical facts. Big events are made by little things and Florentines are famous for their sense of wit. Like the story of the cow’s head on Florence’s Duomo (Cathedral): it’s a celebration of the hard work of hundreds of animals that probably even gave their lives to build our huge cathedral. Think of the thousand of tons of marble, timber, stone and bricks used  to make the structure. So, now the question is…can you find the head of the cow? Do it during our “Florence Jeopardy Game: Family Tour in Florence”!

    The value of touring Florence with a private guide

    Why should you see Florence with a private guide? First of all, because you don’t want to waste your time. Touring can be a marvelous yet exhausting experience.  Let an expert guide you! A person who knows every alley, the best time to visit a museum, the local restaurants and the best routes. It’s so painful when I my clients tell me that they paid a fortune for an ice-cream in a touristy area and it wasn’t even good. Get the best advice about what to do, see, and eat from your personal expert! Another good reason to hire a private guide in Florence is that you will only be with your family or group of friends, no one else. It’s important to go at your own pace with no rush and pressure, especially when one travels with children. A bathroom stop, a sudden craving for gelato, a photo opportunity, there are a hundred reasons why you deserve to enjoy your time in your own way! With your private guide of Florence you can create a unique, customized tour and “Florence Jeopardy Game: Family Tour in Florence” is definitely a great way to explore the town with your family. Send us an email more details at [email protected] 


    1,Santa Croce Square

    Angels, stars and birds are some of the inhabitants of this square... Who's buried in the church?

    2,Signoria Square

    This square is famous for the town hall (Palazzo Vecchio), the Loggia dei Lanzi and its statues.

    3,Uffizi courtyard

    Uffizi Gallery is the house of some of the most famous Renaissance paintings of the world... Do you know any of them?

    4,Orsanmichele Church

    It's the church of the medieval Guilds: butchers, shoemakers, bankers, doctors, etc... Which statue represents which Guild?

    5,Duomo Square

    It's famous for the Dome, the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Campanile. But also for the cow's head!

    6,Santa Maria Novella Square

    Looking at the church's façade, can you tell me what time is it?

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 2 Hours
    • Person : Up to 8 Person
    • Kids : This tour is thought for them!
    • Price : From 180 (a little extra will be to buy the prizes for all the children.€
    • Location : Santa Croce Square, Signoria Square, Uffizi courtyard, Duomo Square and Santa Maria Novella Square.

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